Ways to Wear | How to Style our Versatile Knits

Versatility and functionality are kind of our thing.  

Here at DeNada, our knits aren’t just about the look! We design all of our pieces with our customers in mind. We embrace the innovation of knitwear to create pieces that are truly useful. That means we care about practicality, functionality, AND style. From reversible cowls, and scarves that can turn into shrugs, to infinities with hoods, there are countless ways to wear our knits. You can wear all of our styles multiple ways, from inside out to upside down. Here’s the how-to on two of our most beloved pieces.

The Hooded Infinity: 3 Ways to Wear
1. Hood up or down. You decide!
2. Drape it casually around the neck for a loose fit
3. Wrap the scarf portion twice around the neck for a cozier feel.

How to Style It
The hooded infinity is the perfect cold-weather accessory, and it’s also a seriously cool statement piece. Pair it with any top, your favorite denim, and booties.

The Oversized Collared Shawl: 2 Ways to Wear
1.Drape the shawl over your shoulders for the full-length effect.
2. Create the oversized collar by gathering the shawl from the bottom, flip it over, and drape around your shoulders.

How to Style It
This one’s easy. This cozy shawl is the perfect layer for literally ANY outfit. Dress it up or dress it down!