Alexandra Kehayoglou | Woven Nature | DeNada

This fiber art piece consists of a carpet on a wall and the floor. The carpet on the floor features a small pasture using tufts of green and brown wool. The wall features green and brown wool showing trees and leaves. A single wooden rope swing is positions in the middle of this piece.

Alexandra Kehayoglou weaves serene carpet landscapes using artisanal techniques and sustainably sourced materials. Her pastizales, grassland rugs, are woven to be interacted with and to serve as both a monument to nature’s supreme beauty and a reminder of our ecosystem’s proximity to extinction.

Born and raised in Olivos, Argentina, a suburb of Beunos Aires, to a family of highly-skilled carpet manufacturers, Alexandra was exposed to the craft and beauty of this artisanship from an early age. Receiving an art degree from IUNA, she used her degree to compliment the family business and began designing for El Espartano. She soon discovered a new weaving gun that allowed her to experiment with left-over scraps of wool from the factory and weave the detailed pastizales she is known for.

Alexandra uses her platform and artwork to serve as a reflection of her environment and interaction with the nature of Olivos. Of her relationship to woven art she says, “I feel I have a purpose which is to weave more greenery, as a reaction to the gradual disappearance of our natural world. I feel I need to impose greenery and nature, like I’m flying the flag for mother Earth. I keep weaving to raise awareness, to create more and more nature in my works, to encourage others to love it as well.” Her vast knowledge of Argentina’s flora and fauna allows her to take a detailed and specific approach to her artistry.

While her work is featured in many shows, stores, and galleries, Alexandra also wants her work to be experienced and used within the context of the home. The interaction between humans, dirt, and carpet give her work life and allow it take on a story of its own that only strengthens the artist’s original intent. Alexandra weaves beautiful tales that commemorate our natural world and allow us to directly engage with these vanishing landscapes.

The artist Alexandra Kehayoglou stands between two white canvasses in her studio while staring at the canvas on the left side. This left canvas is covered with green, blue, and brown wool resembling a woven landscape.

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A landscape made out of green and brown wool that resembles a walking path is set down in the middle of a gallery. On the left of this work there is a colorful painting and a staircase in the background. The work stretches all the way from the foreground into the background. This fiber art is by Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Fiber Art by Alexandra Kehayoglou. Image from

This pastizale resembles a small lake and countryside from a birds eye view. It is made up of yellow, green, brown, and blue tufts of carpet wool. This fiber art is by Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Fiber Art by Alexandra Kehayoglou. Image from