Giveaway | Win a $100 Gift Card

Woman wearing spiral print cowl in black and white

We love our customers! Without you, we would not be here today doing what we love to do: create! To show our appreciation for your awesome support, we are launching two giveaways during the month of November. For each weeklong giveaway, one of our amazing followers will win a $100 gift card to shop online […]

Ken Unsworth | Suspension Art

Up close image of Ken Unsworth's "Suspended Circle 2" installation, featuring river stones suspended above ground by black wire.

Australian artist Ken Unsworth’s pieces are full of mystery and intrigue. He creates sculptures, installations, and many other forms of visual art that invoke curiosity and thought surrounding physical limitations. At DeNada, we’ve been inspired by his usage of string and wire, as these strands remind us of our own art, in testing the limits […]

Nanna Van Blaaderen | Natural Knit Design

Woman wearing structured white knit dress with long sleeves

Dutch artist, Nanna Van Blaaderen, designs 100% natural fashion knitwear and home textiles that are visually inspired by the diversity of nature, and produced with the mentality that what humans make must remain in balance with what nature makes. At DeNada, we are inspired by Blaaderen’s admirable environmental mission and experimental sculptural designs that simultaneously […]

Chiharu Shiota | Haunting Thread Art

Chiharu Shiota's "Key In Hand" installation that features old boats, red yarn on the ceiling, and many keys hanging from the yarn.

The works of Japanese thread artist, Chiharu Shiota are both haunting and beautiful. However, her large-scaled fiber installations have meaning far from sinister – many even have a message of positivity and communication. At DeNada, we have been intrigued by her haunting use of fiber and its intentions. Similar to Shiota, our owner and designer Virginia Arrisueño finds a great deal of […]

Motohiro Tanji | Layered Knitwear

Woman wearing short beige dress with voluminous knit detailing around the neck and waist

The muted tones of Motohiro Tanji’s garments bring all of the focus to the complexity of textures and interplay of knit elements that take his silhouettes from simple to avant-garde. At DeNada we are intrigued by the coupling of fashion and art that Tanji explores, and the evolution of his designs from voluminous knits to […]

Hanne Friis | Layered Textile Sculptures

Full view of a blue fabric sculpture by Hanne Friis.

The works of Norwegian artist Hanne Friis showcase color, texture, and depth. The structured installations are crafted from various textiles, creating a tempting deepness. We at DeNada have been drawn to the variety of materials and the vivid colors of the textiles she uses, as we have felt great profundity in the material in our […]

New Collection | Introducing Fall 2015

Woman wearing black and white patterned blanket scarf.

We are so excited to share our new collection for autumn and winter with you! This collection keeps our trademark quality, versatility, and functionality, while also embracing new colors and designs. The new collection features the deep cooler hues of taupe gray, blue mix, cream mix, and the traditional white and black. These new twists on our […]

Dagmar Kestner | Intersecting Art and Fashion

Woman from behind wearing blue structured blouse with shoulder pads and high collar

Merging body and architecture, Dagmar Kestner creates womenswear silhouettes that are artfully constructed and bold in appearance. These Macramé garments explore a traditional craft through contemporary vision. At DeNada, we admire Dagmar’s handcrafted designs and the attention to detail that is similarly manifested in the work of DeNada designer, Virginia Arrisueño.   Fashion designer and artist, […]

How To Wear | Hooded Infinity Scarf

Woman wearing a white hooded infinity scarf.

Our Hooded Infinity Scarf is a multifunctional piece that adds both style and practicality to a wardrobe. Every scarf is handmade in Peru using our 60% alpaca-blend fiber, giving a comfort and quality that you can feel and see. This functional piece can fit any situation and personal taste: Modern Hooded Perfect for cold and windy weather, the […]

Adrian Esparza | Serape Thread Art

Adrian Esparza's colorful serape thread installation mounted on a wall

The bright colors and clean lines of Adrian Esparza’s sprawling installations are a fusion of thread art and culture. These geometric art installations are made from the threads of serape blankets, which Esparza utilizes as an homage to his life as a Mexican-American. We at DeNada greatly admire and identify with his decision to draw […]