Filippo Minelli | Physical Silence Photography

Photograph of pink smoke bomb in ocean water by Filippo Minelli

Filippo Minelli takes journeys into wild landscapes, empty churches, and abandoned parking lots where he sets off smoke bombs that release vibrant bursts of color into the omnipresent silence. In a physical silence photography series entitled “Silence/Shapes,” Minelli captures breathtakingly fleeting moments of conflict and beauty.  Filippo Minelli was born in Brescia, Italy in 1983. […]

Jonathan Gabb | Mixed Media Paintings

Detail of Acrylic Paint Artwork by Jonathan Gabb

Jonathan Gabb breaks boundaries by embracing the idea of paint as an object. Using PVA glues, acrylics, and paint, Gabb creates breathtakingly unique 3-D, mixed media paintings that challenge the preconceived notions of the medium. Gabb received his BA in fine art from the Cass School of Art at London Metropolitan University in 2008. Based […]

Christian Boltanski | Photography Installations

Photography Installation of Anonymous Deceased Persons by Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski creates large-scale photography installations that confront onlookers with a profound sense of tragedy. In an effort to force his audience to reflect upon death and tragedy, Boltanski also forces his audience to ponder life and humanity. Christian Boltanski is a self-taught sculptor, painter, filmmaker, and photographer. Born in France in 1944, Boltanski began as a […]

Jaz Harold | Sculpture & Juxtaposition

Bust of woman with decaying face by Jaz Harold

Jaz Harold embraces a fearless exploration of the grotesque. By creating simultaneously beautiful and disturbing sculptures, the artist challenges onlookers to reflect upon their own ideas of beauty, intimacy, sexuality, and innocence. By creating powerful juxtaposition and conflict within her sculptures, Jaz Harold commands her audiences to reconcile beauty with disgust, and innocence with sexuality. Jaz Harold […]

Amanda Mccavour | Thread Installations

"Stand in for Home" Thread Art Installation by Amanda McCavour

Amanda McCavour finds her inspiration in what she describes as the “assumed vulnerability” of thread. Fascinated by thread’s ability to unravel and fall apart, and yet its strength when sewn together, McCavour creates large scale thread installations that explore the captivating dichotomy of thread and stitch.   Amanda McCavour lives and works in Toronto, Canada. The […]

Paris Fashion Week Recap

Mint Green Ensemble with Velvet Cape by Rick Owens Fall 20116 RTW Paris Fashion Week Runway

Paris Fashion Week is underway and the shows have been artful and innovative, as per usual. Our favorite collections experimented with unusual textures and bold shapes, and left us with fearless inspiration. Ann Demeulemeester The Ann Demeulemeester show found magic in its masculinity. The collection emphasized tailoring, as models donned a dynamic variety of suits. […]

NYFW Recap

Red dress with knit scarf by Christian Siriano Fall 2016 NYFW Runway

New York Fashion week may have come to an end, but the runway is still on our minds. Our favorite collections this season broke the rules of fashion, embraced artistic drama, and explored the juxtaposition of genres. Christian Siriano The premise of Christian Siriano’s fall collection was considered risky by many in the fashion world. While […]

Kwangho Lee | Transforming Objects

Woven blue hanging lamps by Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee creates his works of art with his personal motto in mind, that “ordinary objects can become something else.” By juxtaposing unique materials with traditional techniques, Lee transforms humble objects into masterpieces that challenge the boundaries of art and design.   Kwangho Lee was born in 1981 on the outskirts of Seoul. He received […]

Nike Savvas | Geometric Installation Art

Colorful webs strung across wooden frames by Nike Savvas

Nike Savvas creates intricate geometric sculptures and installations using mathematical formulas and brilliant colors. The immersive nature of Savvas’s artistic style creates infinite dimension within each of her works of art. Nike Savvas was born in 1964 in Sydney, Australia. She received her MFA from the University of New South Wales in 1994, and has since […]

Jacob Hashimoto | Suspended Art

"The Other Sun" Suspended Art Installation by Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto creates suspended art installations using traditional kite-making techniques. With bamboo and rice paper, Hashimoto builds ethereal, three-dimensional structures made from thousands of kites. The power of these seemingly weightless objects transforms each of Hashimoto’s compositions into complex and fantastic environments. Jacob Hashimoto is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. […]