Mana Morimoto | Photograph Embroidery | DeNada

Photograph embroidery featuring a black and white photograph of Mount Rushmore, overlain with colorful fiber art thread embroidery by Tokyo-based artist Mana Morimoto.

Mana Morimoto creates out-of-this-world works of fiber art by embroidering colorful thread onto black and white photographs. Morimoto’s photograph embroidery exists in the “in between,” as her use of colorful fibers transforms vintage and often serious images into vibrant works of art, fresh and anew. The elusive young artist was born and raised in Japan, […]

Nike Schroeder | Embroidered Portraits

Embroidered portrait illustration of four women standing arm in arm wearing colorful headscarves featuring rayon threads hanging off the canvas by German artist Nike Schroeder

Nike Schroeder’s artistic style knows not the limits of genre or medium. The artist creates dynamic embroidered portraits and abstract textile art using colorful rayon threads. Schroeder transforms a simple medium to maker her works of art come alive. Schroeder received her BFA in Art Therapy and Fine Arts from the University of Applied Sciences […]

Keysook Geum | Wire Garment Art

Intricate wire garment sculpture art made of iron wire and faceted colorful beads by Korean textile artist Keysook Guem.

Keysook Geum’s wire garment art exists on the fine line between fragility and strength. Her beautifully intricate wire sculptures challenge onlookers to reflect upon conflicting themes. Keysook Geum received her PhD in Textiles from Ewha Womans University in Seoul in 1988. Since receiving her doctorate, Geum has exhibited widely throughout Seoul. The artist has also shown her work […]

Anthony McCall | Solid Light Installations

People standing beneath beams of light at artist Anthony McCall's solid light film installation entitles "Breath, The Vertical Works.

Anthony McCall challenges the boundaries of art and cinema with the use of an unusual medium: light. By embracing the quiet power of the basic elements of film, the artist transforms projected light into majestically captivating works of art.  Anthony McCall was born in 1946 in St Paul’s Cray, England. He received a degree in graphic […]

Mello and Landini | Fractal Installation Art

Woven art installation created from unraveling black rope and pinning it to the walls of a museum gallery. By Mello and Landini.

Mello and Landini bring fractal sculptures to life by carefully intertwining, weaving, and unraveling hemp, yarn, and rope into sculptures with seemingly never ending twists and turns. Guests of the artistic duo’s breathtaking installations are graced with the presence of sculptures that appear very much alive. Janaina Mello was born in São Gotardo, Brazil in 1974. She […]

Chris Dorosz | Paint Drop Sculptures

Woman in yellow dress. Paint drop art by Chris Dorosz.

Chris Dorosz explores the boundaries of paint as he creates fleeting and fragmentary paint drop sculptures depicting a fascinating array of scenes of human interaction. Dorosz creates captivatingly voyeuristic works of art as he presents his audiences with works of art that evoke emotional imagination. Chris Dorosz creates paint drop sculptures by dripping paint onto […]

Filippo Minelli | Physical Silence Photography

Photograph of pink smoke bomb in ocean water by Filippo Minelli

Filippo Minelli takes journeys into wild landscapes, empty churches, and abandoned parking lots where he sets off smoke bombs that release vibrant bursts of color into the omnipresent silence. In a physical silence photography series entitled “Silence/Shapes,” Minelli captures breathtakingly fleeting moments of conflict and beauty.  Filippo Minelli was born in Brescia, Italy in 1983. […]

Jonathan Gabb | Mixed Media Paintings

Detail of Acrylic Paint Artwork by Jonathan Gabb

Jonathan Gabb breaks boundaries by embracing the idea of paint as an object. Using PVA glues, acrylics, and paint, Gabb creates breathtakingly unique 3-D, mixed media paintings that challenge the preconceived notions of the medium. Gabb received his BA in fine art from the Cass School of Art at London Metropolitan University in 2008. Based […]

Christian Boltanski | Photography Installations

Photography Installation of Anonymous Deceased Persons by Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski creates large-scale photography installations that confront onlookers with a profound sense of tragedy. In an effort to force his audience to reflect upon death and tragedy, Boltanski also forces his audience to ponder life and humanity. Christian Boltanski is a self-taught sculptor, painter, filmmaker, and photographer. Born in France in 1944, Boltanski began as a […]

Jaz Harold | Sculpture & Juxtaposition

Bust of woman with decaying face by Jaz Harold

Jaz Harold embraces a fearless exploration of the grotesque. By creating simultaneously beautiful and disturbing sculptures, the artist challenges onlookers to reflect upon their own ideas of beauty, intimacy, sexuality, and innocence. By creating powerful juxtaposition and conflict within her sculptures, Jaz Harold commands her audiences to reconcile beauty with disgust, and innocence with sexuality. Jaz Harold […]