Kwangho Lee | Transforming Objects

Woven blue hanging lamps by Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee creates his works of art with his personal motto in mind, that “ordinary objects can become something else.” By juxtaposing unique materials with traditional techniques, Lee transforms humble objects into masterpieces that challenge the boundaries of art and design.   Kwangho Lee was born in 1981 on the outskirts of Seoul. He received […]

Kari Steihaug | Large-scale Installations

Large-scale installation of knit sweaters by Kari Steihaug

Fiber artist, Kari Steihaug, uses vulnerable materials to create a sense of universe within each of her large-scale installations. Her ability to convey profound meaning through old and decaying garments presents onlookers with an endless sense of wonder. Steihaug is a Norwegian fiber artist and graduate of the National Art Academy of Oslo. She is […]

Joana Vasconcelos | Extravagant Sculptures

Large and colorful crochet sculpture hanging from high ceiling

Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist who explores disparate themes like feminism, consumerism, and architecture through larger-than-life installations and a range of materials that bring deeper meaning to her work. At DeNada, we are intrigued by Vasconcelos inventive and experimental use of knits to spawn an artistic commentary on social issues.    Joana Vasconcelos was […]

Nanna Van Blaaderen | Natural Knit Design

Woman wearing structured white knit dress with long sleeves

Dutch artist, Nanna Van Blaaderen, designs 100% natural fashion knitwear and home textiles that are visually inspired by the diversity of nature, and produced with the mentality that what humans make must remain in balance with what nature makes. At DeNada, we are inspired by Blaaderen’s admirable environmental mission and experimental sculptural designs that simultaneously […]

Motohiro Tanji | Layered Knitwear

Woman wearing short beige dress with voluminous knit detailing around the neck and waist

The muted tones of Motohiro Tanji’s garments bring all of the focus to the complexity of textures and interplay of knit elements that take his silhouettes from simple to avant-garde. At DeNada we are intrigued by the coupling of fashion and art that Tanji explores, and the evolution of his designs from voluminous knits to […]

Dana Barnes | Functional Textile Design

Room with fiber art installations

Tucked away in her SoHo loft, Dana Barnes spends her days creating exquisite textile designs and fiber installations that evoke feelings of warmth. Her ability to use a multitude of techniques that take materials such as wool felt to a new level inspires us here at DeNada. Dana started her artistic career as a fashion designer for labels […]

Miriam Ponsa | Contemporary Textile Meets Tradition

Woman on runway wearing ivory chunky knit scarf

Contemporary fiber artist and textile designer Miriam Ponsa is a master at harmonizing the world of history and tradition into her work. At the start of World War II in 1939, the icy chill of winter enveloped hundreds of thousands of Ponsa’s Spanish ancestors, forcing them to leave their home and cultural roots behind. This image became […]

Isabel Berglund | Blurring the Lines Between Art Forms

Installation by Isabel Berglund.

At DeNada, we are continually inspired by fiber artists who step outside the box. Knit artist Isabel Berglund is someone who colors outside the lines and designs by her own rules. Her unique installations toy with perception and reality, causing the viewer to question the interactive surroundings she creates. Berglund studied design at Denmark’s Design School, […]

Anne Lindberg | Drawing Language

Installation by Anne Lindberg.

Anne Lindberg creates installations and drawings that are abstract, colorful and immersive. The spatial intricacy incorporated into her fiber art is subtle and captivating. Similar to DeNada, her work “is a mirror of how [she] experiences the world.” She transforms spaces by using her own artistic language to create unique pieces. In 1985, Linberg graduated […]