Judith Scott | Wrapped Sculpture | DeNada

Found plastic objects including clear tubes and trash can lids are wrapped with colorful yarn and twine in a bulging figure. This work is by Judith Scott.

The late Judith Scott was an American artist who wrapped multicolored fibers around found objects to create intricate wrapped sculptures, likened to cocoons that envelope and hide the material beneath. Her work obscures the object central to the composition into something magnificent and poignant as the wrapping changes the context of the original entity into something […]

DeNada Makes a Return to Steadfast Supply!

Steadfast Supply shopping bags and signature gold hangers.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you may know that DeNada knits were available at the seriously cool conceptual pop-up shop Steadfast Supply in 2016. Well, we are happy to announce 1) that Steadfast Supply is making a come back, relaunching on June 7th, 2017, and 2) our knits will be sold again at […]

Behind the Brand | DeNada’s Core Values

Behind every DeNada knit, is a message. A message that is comprised of beliefs, values, and thoughts shared by everyone on our team. Core values like community, quality, functionality, minimalism, and family are the driving force behind DeNada Design. Together, they’re what was there when DeNada was simply an idea and what now lives in every design and […]

Wearable Art with Bucketfeet

Gray asymmetrical knit scarf worn by Virginia Arriseuño with Bucketfeet Tropics Mid Top sneakers

Here at DeNada we believe that art has the power to connect and unite communities. Founded by Raaja Nemani and Aaron Fierstein, Bucketfeet takes art and turns it into a tool for community building. This month we had the honor to collaborate with Bucketfeet, alongside a group of wonderful local creatives, in a campaign to promote their wearable-art sneakers. […]

2017 New York Fashion Week | Runway Rewind

Black Wrapped High Neck with Athletic Skirt by Public School

Although New York Fashion Week flew by in the blink of an eye (as per usual ;)), many designers have introduced to us ideas that will continue to inspire throughout the year and beyond. From flowing dresses with eye catching silhouettes to sharp lined knits and jackets, this year’s shows kept us excited from beginning to end. Public School […]

Tokyo Street Style | DeNada in Japan

Senegalese-Japanese model with curly two-toned natural hair, Marie Nakawaga walks down the streets of Tokyo, Japan wearing the a Tokyo street style look featuring the Drop Stitch Shawl in Camel from Washington DC-based contemporary knit apparel and accessories brand DeNada's 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection.

Even though January is almost at its end, I’m still reflecting on 2016. It was a year of challenges, changes, and growth. Looking back, I feel grateful for the highlights of 2016. Those good moments kept my passion safe from fading and my outlook on life from straying to far from the positive. One of the best moments of the […]