Alexandra Kehayoglou | Woven Nature | DeNada

This fiber art piece consists of a carpet on a wall and the floor. The carpet on the floor features a small pasture using tufts of green and brown wool. The wall features green and brown wool showing trees and leaves. A single wooden rope swing is positions in the middle of this piece.

Alexandra Kehayoglou weaves serene carpet landscapes using artisanal techniques and sustainably sourced materials. Her pastizales, grassland rugs, are woven to be interacted with and to serve as both a monument to nature’s supreme beauty and a reminder of our ecosystem’s proximity to extinction. Born and raised in Olivos, Argentina, a suburb of Beunos Aires, to a family of highly-skilled carpet […]

Tara Donovan | Transforming Common Objects

"Untitled (Styrofoam Cups)" Sculpture by Tara Donovan, created from styrofoam cups and hot glue, hung to a ceiling and covering the entire room.

Brooklyn-based American artist Tara Donovan creates site-specific installations that can make you question the commonest of materials. She uses a variety of everyday objects to create whimsical and intriguing pieces of artwork that look anything but common. At DeNada, we’re inspired by her creativity in transforming bland materials into incredible pieces of art. A true New […]

Nanna Van Blaaderen | Natural Knit Design

Woman wearing structured white knit dress with long sleeves

Dutch artist, Nanna Van Blaaderen, designs 100% natural fashion knitwear and home textiles that are visually inspired by the diversity of nature, and produced with the mentality that what humans make must remain in balance with what nature makes. At DeNada, we are inspired by Blaaderen’s admirable environmental mission and experimental sculptural designs that simultaneously […]

Claudy Jongstra | Sustainable, Handmade Textiles

Installation on the wall by Claudy Jongstra.

Artist Claudy Jongstra is committed to creating art using sustainable methods. An advocate for utilizing local resources and traditional skills, she makes her impressive installations out of high quality wool from her own flock of Drenthe Heath Sheep. The Dutch artist uses the beauty of such a natural material to create a softer, more human […]

Orly Genger | Recycled Rope Fiber Art

White spiral roped wall installation by Orly Genger.

Here at DeNada, we are captivated by Orly Genger and her unique sculptural installations that completely commandeer both indoor and outdoor spaces. The main draw of her installations is that she builds them entirely out of rope. Genger’s stacks and knots recycled rock climbing rope to transform large spaces and engage viewers. In 2001, Genger graduated from […]

Elana Herzog | Intuitive Creation

Elana Herzog Installation.

Here at DeNada, we appreciate the combination of different elements to create original fiber art. Elana Herzog, a truly admirable fiber artist, has an incredible talent for combining soft and hard materials to create something that barely seems to be there at all. Herzog graduated with a BA from Bennington College in 1976 and an […]

Claire Zeisler | A Fiber Arts Pioneer

Claire Zeisler installation in black.

At DeNada, we love coming across new, fresh talent in the art world, but we also like to remember the artists who’ve paved the way. Claire Zeisler (1903-1991) was one such American fiber artist, who, alongside Lenore Tawney and Sheila Hicks, pushed the limits of traditional fiber art in the 1940s. Zeisler began her art […]

Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug | Last Season

Lernert and Sander yarn featured

Dutch artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug are well-known for creating intriguing and thought-provoking installations. At DeNada, we found their project for Maastricht-based clothing store Kiki Niesten particularly interesting. The 2014 project, titled “Last Season,”  returns designer knitwear to simple balls of yarn. As shown in the video below, the pair work together to “unknit” […]

Soojin Kang | Dressed Furniture

Soojin Kang Featured.

Life moves at an increasingly fast pace; trends fly in and out as mass production makes goods more disposable. Although we appreciate the technology that has made our lives easier, it is concerning that modern consumerism is making our world less sustainable and less unique. Soojin Kang is taking a stand against this by reclaiming […]

Machiko Agano | Reflecting the Force of Nature

Artist, Machiko Agano's fiber woven installation.

At DeNada, we love finding artists from around the world whose work spurs our own creativity. Japanese master weaver Machiko Agano is one such artist whose use of materials to convey her emotions also moves us to think about how our work is a reflection of our feelings. Born in 1953, Agano studied to become a […]