The DeNada Studio: My Creative Escape

the studio's skylight is a focal point

As a designer, artist, mother, and entrepreneur, my ‘office’ is much more than simply a place I go to work from 9 to 5. Rather, it’s my design studio, showroom, and most importantly, it’s my creative escape. It reflects both who I am as a designer as well as my brand: DeNada. From the design, openness, and location of this space, it creates the perfect environment for my team and I to work.

I created a workspace that reflected me as a person, and my brand’s aesthetic: edgy, minimal, and timeless. I accomplished this by harmonizing two traditionally conflicted elements: nature and industry. Subtle components of nature are found throughout my studio from the branches crowing the clothing racks, to hanging ivy and natural light from the skylight. Yet every natural element is complemented by something industrial from exposed copper piping to my flatiron conference table. It was important for me to create an effortless balance between the natural and the manmade.

At 11:30 am everyday, my team and I gather at the conference table for a meeting under one of my favorite elements in my office, the skylight. The skylight is the most central element of the studio, and has become our major source of light. Surrounded by hanging ivy, the skylight creates a sense of tranquility throughout the entire space, and keeps both me and my team grounded yet inspired everyday. Plus, it’s beautiful to look at and always catches the attention of anyone who walks in.

Having an open, minimal, and clean workspace is also an important aspect in keeping an efficient work environment. My workspace is a vital part of my design process. I feel that clutter in spaces can also clutter the mind. Therefore I keep my studio open and clean in order to remind me to keep a focussed and creative mind. In addition, it enables me to work and collaborate with my team throughout the day.

Furthermore, my studio’s proximity to my home has given it added personal significance and in many ways my workspace is an extension of my own home (it literally shares a wall). Family is important to me, and I love the fact that I am accessible to home and my family while I work. As an entrepreneur I tend to work throughout the day, so saving commute time between home and the office is beneficial to maximizing my time with my family. I love that I can separate work from home within 20 steps from my door.

Though not the biggest of workspaces, this creative space is the perfect size for the stage my brand is at, and I am sure as DeNada grows and evolves so will my workspace. If you ‘re itching to set-up your own workspace, but looking to share a space versus have one all to yourself, check out co-working companies like WeWork. They have cool rental spaces, where you can set up and function as a small company and they have added benefits of networking.

Our showroom is located at:

52 O St NW, Studio 302 Washington, DC 20001

For more information or to visit our showroom, please email us at

Photos courtesy of Emma McAlary.


DeNada Studio
Our shipping & inventory room, hidden behind a floor to ceiling black curtain,
DeNada Studio
Our long flat iron conference table at the center of our workspace.
DeNada Studio
Clean and minimal work desk.
DeNada Studio
Out custom built bar with reclaimed wooden shelves.
DeNada Studio
Our knit collection perfectly hung with suspended metal piping.

 DeNada Studio