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April issue of Elle Magazine featuring DeNada Design's Virginia Arrisueño
Virginia Arrisueño in the April issue of Elle Magazine

Founder and designer of D.C.’s DeNada Design in the April issue of Elle Magazine

The April issue of ELLE Magazine reveals a side of Washington, D.C. very few talk about. Along with fellow creatives Marissa Mitrovich, Lena Farouki, and Desiree Venn Frederic, our very own Virginia Arrisueño was given the opportunity to give a refreshing perspective at the ever growing colorful creative community of D.C.

D.C. is often overlooked as a creative city because of the images of fast moving gray suits and briefcases attributed by the strong government presence. “…when you look at [the northwest D.C. neighborhood Truxton Circle], where we live—just a 20-minute ride from downtown—it’s completely separate. All our friends are chefs or musicians or artists.” says Virginia recalling the world free of ties and suits she trades for knits.

Not only did ELLE mention powerful “leaders of the capital city’s creative class,” they also named locations in D.C. that offer a small taste of what this city has to offer other than the Mall. Places like The Yards, Conbini Cafe which serves savory Japanese pancakes, and Columbia Heights’ Millennium Arts Salon that brings communities together in the form of art.

ELLE shed light on the overshadowed unique creative community that calls D.C. their home; the beautiful and inspiring environment we see every time we take a step outside. Read more about Virginia and the other inspiring D.C. creatives by picking up the latest issue of ELLE.

A big thank you to the fantastic photographer Tyler Joe and Yashua Simmons for his creative styling.