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Colorful thread is embroidered across a brunette model's body in a black and white image. She wears a black dress and a jacket over the shoulders. This work is by Inge Jacobsen.

Inge Jacobsen creates photorealistic and slightly surreal works through intricately cross-stitching and embroidering images onto magazines, newspapers, and advertisements. Inge describes her work as an intervention as she uses, “thread as a way of physically intervening and appropriating meaning…” subverting the source image and its original intent.

Born in Ireland, Inge’s grandmother taught her the intricate cross-stitching that would become essential to her artistic expression. After moving to Denmark in her early teens, Inge began to use her embroidery as a method of bridging the language barrier in her newfound home. Earning her degree in fine art from Kingston University in 2011, Jacobsen has been featured in many prominent group shows and had her work featured in publications such as Vogue, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Frankie Magazine.

Inge’s work is most notable for the visceral reaction the images illicit from the viewer. In her most recent “Consumed” series, she weaves multi-colored thread through the eyes and mouths of female models in advertisements found in high-fashion magazines. This intervention transforms these images of beautiful women into ghostly portraits that obscure the advertisement’s original intent in favor of exposing the sinister industry beneath. On her relationship to fashion imagery, she explains, “I started linking the idea of the photographic object and women as photographed objects, how they are treated as things to be gazed at and often appreciated for their physical beauty alone.” She uses this feminist intervention to demonstrate the dangerous repercussions of the fashion industry’s frequent objectification of women. Jacobsen explores sexism and larger societal issues through her unique interpretation of magazine and advertising imagery.

Inge Jacobsen is a fiber artist who carefully looks at how publications and advertising intend to communicate ideas and through intervention she deconstructs their original intent and subject matter. Her intricate process and surreal work forces her audience to confront issues that underly the source image. We are truly inspired by her unique approach to found imagery and her ability to highlight such vital social issues through fiber art.

Colorful thread is embroidered in this Miu Miu advertisement. The thread is coming out of the eyes and mouth of model in an eerie way. This work is by Inge Jacobsen.

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The cover of dazed and confused magazine featuring an image of Thom Yorke is embroidered in a surreal manner. This multi-colored fiber art is by Inge Jacobsem.

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A newspaper displays an article titled "The problem at the hear of labour" with a sad women embroidered overtop. This works commentary on uk politics is from Inge Jacobsen.

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