Jaz Harold | Sculpture & Juxtaposition

Bust of woman with decaying face by Jaz Harold

Jaz Harold embraces a fearless exploration of the grotesque. By creating simultaneously beautiful and disturbing sculptures, the artist challenges onlookers to reflect upon their own ideas of beauty, intimacy, sexuality, and innocence. By creating powerful juxtaposition and conflict within her sculptures, Jaz Harold commands her audiences to reconcile beauty with disgust, and innocence with sexuality.

Jaz Harold grew up in Monroe, Connecticut and moved to New York in 2004 to pursue a degree in illustration. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2008 and has since exhibited widely throughout the city of New York. Harold creates sculptures of the human form and adorns them with elements of decay and pain, such as gaping & bloody wounds, or tears made of yarn. Harold’s mastery of juxtaposition knows no bounds as she creates complex and multi-dimensional conflict within her sculptures. In addition to the juxtaposition of the pure human form with elements of decay, Harold chooses soft and inviting mediums with which to create the disturbing elements of her artwork. Using plush fabrics, yarns, pastel hues, and cherry blossoms, Harold achieves strikingly dynamic juxtaposition, as the painful aspects of her sculptures are expressed with gentle mediums. Of her use of cherry blossoms, Harold writes: 

Cherry blossoms (sakura) are a perfect balance of sexual innuendo, beauty, and innocence. The cherry blossom, symbolizing love in many cultures, adds an additional element in a body of work that covers both areas- an innocent love, and a simple uninhibited lust.

Harold’s sculptures combine the simple beauty of the human body with grotesque and often creepy imagery, commanding her audiences to challenge their definitions of beauty. Harold would like her works of art to act as subversive tools that challenge societal norms. We are in awe of the young artist’s source of inspiration and her dedication to making artwork that inspires thoughtful reflection. 

Sculpture of the head of a crying woman by Jaz Harold

“Bloom” by Jaz Harold image from Pinterest.com

Bust of woman featuring cherry blossoms by Jaz Harold

“Knot in My Stomach, Lump in My Throat, Ache in My Heart” by Jaz Harold image from Pinterest.com

Suspended sculpture art featuring ball of human mouths by Jaz Harold

“Consummation” by Jaz Harold image from Pinterest.com

Sculpture of human hand by Jaz Harold

“Arthritis” by Jaz Harold image from Pinterest.com

Sculpture of crystals ejecting from human hand by Jaz Harold

“Cohabitation” by Jaz Harold image from Pinterest.com