My Story Begins Here

In 2012, I debuted DeNada’s first look book video. And since then, creating a video with each collection has been a project I decided to continue because it brings an added element to DeNada. This year, I decided to do something a little different. I created a brand video because I felt it is important to acknowledge the connection of DeNada to something beyond just being a knit collection. My brand video tells my story – an embodiment of who I am as a designer,  my creative process, what drives me, and why I chose Peru as a hub for materials and production

I tend to be a very private person especially with my creative process. But as my business continues to grow, I realized that it is important to give my customers a better insight into my brand. Though my creative process is personal, I wanted to show our customers where our designs are made and how they come about.

My family has been a driving force in the creation and continuation of my brand, and my brand is a representation of me. The strong support system my parents showed me growing up has helped shape who I am, and I’ve always appreciated that. As I started my own family, DeNada started to mean something more to me as I wanted to make myself an example for my son as my parents did for me with their careers.

As a first generation Peruvian-American, I’ve always had an appreciation for my background. Though DeNada is not made directly in our studio, I felt it was important that our customers understood why they are made in Peru. Peru is known for its alpaca and knitting which was also something I was able to connect with as a fiber artist.

Telling our customers my story means a lot to me. DeNada was created as a result of my need for a creative outlet and combines all of my passions – fiber arts, design, business, and my heritage. Everything I create has a purpose and I want our customers to understand the sentiment that goes into my design process, and its connection to who I am. Creativity originates and is driven from the heart, and the outlet chosen to express that creativity is a display of that sentimental connection.

View the full video here.

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