Family Vacation Recap

the perfect weather for the beach

Everyone reaches a point when they become mentally and physically exhausted from their everyday personal and work life. When that happens, the best cure to return to your old self is a needed vacation.

Several weeks ago, I was beginning to reach my threshold. With DeNada, the DC MEET Market, Topaz + Arrow, and Ulysses Room, I was getting tired of just working all the time. At that moment, I realized that I needed to get away with my family to relax before September arrives.

Thinking that it would be a great idea to include my entire family, I decided to plan a family vacation for my son and husband with my parents, sisters, and their families – the whole clan! Looking back at my decision to organize this family vacation for everyone, I realized that I was slightly crazy. Why? Well two words, “family drama.”

Overall, we had a great time! A week away at the beach in a cozy home just a few blocks away from the ocean was perfect for my family. And though there were moments of drama here and there, the time we spent together chatting, hanging out, and watching the kids play together undeniably outweighed the stressful moments.

With family there is unconditional love. We love and accept each other for who we are despite our differences. This is the sole reason why I decided to organize a family vacation for all us. Though I knew there could be a chance for “family drama,” I overlooked the possibility. It’s important that my family spends quality time together. And since it’s been awhile since we had all taken a vacation together, I decided to plan one because I love my family.

So if asked if I would plan another one next summer for my whole entire familia, my answer would still be a solid yes!

Below, are few photos from my vacation with my family!


Family Vacation
My sisters & I.
Family Vacation
Some of our tools for making our sand castles.
Family Vacation
Family Vacation
With my son at the playground.