DeNada Makes a Return to Steadfast Supply!

Steadfast Supply shopping bags and signature gold hangers.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you may know that DeNada knits were available at the seriously cool conceptual pop-up shop Steadfast Supply in 2016. Well, we are happy to announce 1) that Steadfast Supply is making a come back, relaunching on June 7th, 2017, and 2) our knits will be sold again at the lovely conceptual retail store located in the Yards DC. With an extensive roster of independent makers and designers from across the country, Steadfast Supply aims to connect people with creative and inspiring brands.

Steadfast Supply to re-launch late May 2017.

Steadfast Supply to re-launch late May 2017.

Inside of Steadfast Supply.

Re-launch of Steadfast Supply at the Yards DC.

Originally created as a pop-up in late 2016, Steadfast Supply will re-launch as a reminder of the creativity that D.C. has to offer amongst the bureaucracy and politics of the city. The store has invited artisans, creatives, designers, and small business owners who push the boundaries of design and creativity to play an active part.

From candles, apparel, and stationary, to kids accessories, bags and  jewelry, Steadfast takes pride in carrying a wide variety of products all made with authenticity and purpose.

Steadfast Supply hopes to play a role in showcasing the innovative and passionate creatives that are at the core of D.C and the country at large. The DeNada team could not be more excited to be a part of Steadfast Supply 2.0.

DeNada knits once sold at Steadfast Supply to be sold again in 2017 re-launch.

DeNada Design to be sold again at the re-launch of Steadfast Supply at the Yards DC in May.

Steadfast Supply is a one stop shop for the many inventive brands that are an end result of all walks of life, passions, and values. In the end, what connects us all is DC, the place we all call home.