Claire Zeisler | A Fiber Arts Pioneer

Claire Zeisler installation in black.

At DeNada, we love coming across new, fresh talent in the art world, but we also like to remember the artists who’ve paved the way. Claire Zeisler (1903-1991) was one such American fiber artist, who, alongside Lenore Tawney and Sheila Hicks, pushed the limits of traditional fiber art in the 1940s. Zeisler began her art […]

Naoko Serino: Jute Fiber Art

Naoko Serino

Japanese fiber artist, Naoko Serino is known for her creativity in the use of non-traditional fibers in her art. Serino’s work examines the role of illumination in space and has been showcased in exhibitions all over the world. At DeNada, we were drawn to her light and airy installations that are created from strong vegetable […]

Caroline Achaintre: Painting with Wool

At DeNada, we like to find artists and designers who move and inspire us with their work. Caroline Achaintre is one such artist whose textured wall hangings particularly piqued our interest. She interprets the transition to the modern world by skillfully “painting” with wool on canvas. Achaintre was born in 1969 in Toulouse, France. She […]

Jacqui Fink: Oversized Textiles

Jacqui Fink hand-knit design

If you remember my last collection, you may have noticed that I am a huge fan of oversized knits. Crafter, artist, and designer of oversized-scale knits, Jacqui Fink, is someone who I’ve recently come to admire. Through her use of natural fibers and raw materials, Fink has managed to incorporate elements of fashion, art and […]

Gabriel Dawe: The Art of Color

fiber installation by artist Gabriel Dawe

I am constantly inspired by the transformations that occur in art – the way an artist can translate a blank space  into a new and captivating creation. Gabriel Dawe is one such artist who transforms everyday spaces into stunning works of art through his metamorphic installations. Based in Dallas, Dawe creates installations that examine the connection between […]

Abigail Doan: Environmental Fiber Art

a fiber construction by artist Abigail Doan

I’m a huge fan of installation art and its ability to completely transform a space into something new and innovative. Recently, I came across the work of Abigail Doan, an environmental fiber artist. It’s interesting to see how she incorporates different fiber forms and recycled materials into her art. Doan is a self-described “art-farmer,” who […]

Barbara De Pirro: Biomorphism

Barbara De Pirro's Floral Plastica crocheted from plastic bags

Lately the DeNada team has been focusing a lot on the interactions going on between fashion and art. And specifically how different knitwear designers use artistic methods to inspire and construct their clothing. Today we’ve decided to instead take a look at how one artist – Barbara De Pirro — stays inspired and executes her work through […]

Magda Sayeg: The Mother of Yarn Bombing

industrial steps lined with colorful yarn creations

As an artist whose medium of choice is fibers, I’m always curious to see the work of fellow fiber artists. I love how fiber arts has the flexibility to lean from avant-garde fashion fit for runways, to uses of creative installations whether it be on the street or in an art gallery. Yarn bombing — the […]