Claire Zeisler | A Fiber Arts Pioneer

Claire Zeisler installation in black.

At DeNada, we love coming across new, fresh talent in the art world, but we also like to remember the artists who’ve paved the way. Claire Zeisler (1903-1991) was one such American fiber artist, who, alongside Lenore Tawney and Sheila Hicks, pushed the limits of traditional fiber art in the 1940s. Zeisler began her art […]

Soojin Kang | Dressed Furniture

Soojin Kang Featured.

Life moves at an increasingly fast pace; trends fly in and out as mass production makes goods more disposable. Although we appreciate the technology that has made our lives easier, it is concerning that modern consumerism is making our world less sustainable and less unique. Soojin Kang is taking a stand against this by reclaiming […]

Naoko Serino: Jute Fiber Art

Naoko Serino

Japanese fiber artist, Naoko Serino is known for her creativity in the use of non-traditional fibers in her art. Serino’s work examines the role of illumination in space and has been showcased in exhibitions all over the world. At DeNada, we were drawn to her light and airy installations that are created from strong vegetable […]

Bruce Munro: Field of Light

Bruce Munro

As our world becomes more interconnected, sustainability is becoming more important. Here at DeNada, we are committed to learning about how we can do our part to preserve Earth’s resources and beauty for future generations. We continue to draw inspiration from artists like Bruce Munro, who creates beautiful and innovative designs that are the perfect […]