Behind the Brand | DeNada’s Core Values

Behind every DeNada knit, is a message. A message that is comprised of beliefs, values, and thoughts shared by everyone on our team. Core values like community, quality, functionality, minimalism, and family are the driving force behind DeNada Design.

Together, they’re what was there when DeNada was simply an idea and what now lives in every design and knit. As a brand, we strive for a sincere and honest relationship with our customers. This is why we decided to get a little more personal and share what we care about with all of you via social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

DeNada Crochet Shaw

Maeve holding crochet shaw.

Transparency allows us to not just be another clothing company. We want everyone to know the stories behind DeNada and the passion that goes into every knit season after season. This includes discussing our trips to Peru to work with skilled artisans and our admiration and respect for the inspiring D.C. creative community.

DeNada Core Values

Community is the driving force behind DeNada Design.

When people think of DeNada we want them to know what inspires us and why we do what we do; that not only are our knits made with quality and functionality in mind, but that DeNada is a brand that holds within it little pieces of everyone we love.

Core Values at DeNada Design

Family and love are at the very core.