Judith Scott | Wrapped Sculpture | DeNada

Found plastic objects including clear tubes and trash can lids are wrapped with colorful yarn and twine in a bulging figure. This work is by Judith Scott.

The late Judith Scott was an American artist who wrapped multicolored fibers around found objects to create intricate wrapped sculptures, likened to cocoons that envelope and hide the material beneath. Her work obscures the object central to the composition into something magnificent and poignant as the wrapping changes the context of the original entity into something […]

Alexandra Kehayoglou | Woven Nature | DeNada

This fiber art piece consists of a carpet on a wall and the floor. The carpet on the floor features a small pasture using tufts of green and brown wool. The wall features green and brown wool showing trees and leaves. A single wooden rope swing is positions in the middle of this piece.

Alexandra Kehayoglou weaves serene carpet landscapes using artisanal techniques and sustainably sourced materials. Her pastizales, grassland rugs, are woven to be interacted with and to serve as both a monument to nature’s supreme beauty and a reminder of our ecosystem’s proximity to extinction. Born and raised in Olivos, Argentina, a suburb of Beunos Aires, to a family of highly-skilled carpet […]

Inge Jacobsen | Intervention Embroidery | DeNada

Colorful thread is embroidered across a brunette model's body in a black and white image. She wears a black dress and a jacket over the shoulders. This work is by Inge Jacobsen.

Inge Jacobsen creates photorealistic and slightly surreal works through intricately cross-stitching and embroidering images onto magazines, newspapers, and advertisements. Inge describes her work as an intervention as she uses, “thread as a way of physically intervening and appropriating meaning…” subverting the source image and its original intent. Born in Ireland, Inge’s grandmother taught her the intricate […]

The Crochet Shawl is Back | Style Feature

DeNada to partner up again with Steadfast Supply.

When the sweltering hot days give way to cool summer nights, breathable knits are the perfect way to stay warm and fashionable all season long. There is no better summer knit than our “Crochet Shawl” with its intricate handmade design and exceptionally versatile. The squares that make up the “Crochet Shawl”s design are triple crocheted with […]

DeNada Makes a Return to Steadfast Supply!

Steadfast Supply shopping bags and signature gold hangers.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you may know that DeNada knits were available at the seriously cool conceptual pop-up shop Steadfast Supply in 2016. Well, we are happy to announce 1) that Steadfast Supply is making a come back, relaunching on June 7th, 2017, and 2) our knits will be sold again at […]

Behind the Brand | DeNada’s Core Values

Behind every DeNada knit, is a message. A message that is comprised of beliefs, values, and thoughts shared by everyone on our team. Core values like community, quality, functionality, minimalism, and family are the driving force behind DeNada Design. Together, they’re what was there when DeNada was simply an idea and what now lives in every design and […]

Wearable Art with Bucketfeet

Gray asymmetrical knit scarf worn by Virginia Arriseuño with Bucketfeet Tropics Mid Top sneakers

Here at DeNada we believe that art has the power to connect and unite communities. Founded by Raaja Nemani and Aaron Fierstein, Bucketfeet takes art and turns it into a tool for community building. This month we had the honor to collaborate with Bucketfeet, alongside a group of wonderful local creatives, in a campaign to promote their wearable-art sneakers. […]

Ways to Wear | How to Style our Versatile Knits

Versatility and functionality are kind of our thing.   Here at DeNada, our knits aren’t just about the look! We design all of our pieces with our customers in mind. We embrace the innovation of knitwear to create pieces that are truly useful. That means we care about practicality, functionality, AND style. From reversible cowls, […]